Meat and Produce

At Gleneden Ridge Farm, we produce quality meat: chicken, pork, and soon lamb. And eggs: hen and duck. We use a highly experienced and respected English butcher to prepare our meat products, and our eggs are fresh daily from our free-run birds.


Eggs: Gleneden Ridge Farm produce.

All free-run, hens or duck eggs. You won't taste a better hens egg anywhere, and our duck eggs are perfect for baking.

  • Hen's eggs: $4 per dozen
  • Duck eggs: $6 per dozen , $4 per half-dozen


Pork: Gleneden Ridge Farm produce.

Our pork is home-grown without medicated feed.

  • Pork loin chops: $6.50 per pound
  • Pork sirloin steaks: $6.50 per pound
  • Roasts: $6.00 per pound
  • Gammon Steaks: $4 each
  • Bacon: $6 per half-pound pack.
  • Hams & hocks: $7 per pound.
  • (Sold out) Sausages: $9.00 per pound (approx. 5 sausages: English Bangers or Lincolnshire Sausage)


Chicken: Gleneden Ridge Farm produce.

Currently sold out

All of our chicken is free-run, and grown without medicated feed. Sold whole or by the half.

  • Whole chicken: $20.00
  • Half chicken: $12.00

If you'd like to try any of our produce, Contact us to place an order.

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