Small Animals

As well as our farm animals, we have some cute 'n' cuddly small animals at Gleneden Ridge too; all are welcome here.

Captain Jack Sparrow, our male guinea pig, one of Gleneden Ridge Farm's small animals

This is our male guinea pig. We call him Jack Sparrow; he has a patch over one eye, just like a pirate!

Here's Jack Sparrow with his two female mates, and hairy & cute they are!

Blitzen, our male rabbit, one of Gleneden Ridge Farm's small animals.
Blitzen, our male rabbit.
Cupid, our female rabbit, one of Gleneden Ridge Farm's small animals.
Cupid, our female rabbit.

Here are our two rabbits, Blitzen (male) and Cupid (female). We have them separate at the moment as they've only just met, but once they've been properly acquainted, they'll be our breeding pair.

Then there's our two cats, Charlotte and Marmalade. Charlotte lays around the house and goes hunting outside at night, and Marmalade is our barn cat, keeping the barn yard free from pests.

They're often seen together, and regularly play and hunt with each other.

We'll be using our small animals in our upcoming petting farm activities, hopefully later this year. We'll also be using our mini-horse, goats, lambs, chickens and ducks, and of course Leon, our Border Collie.

Contact us to find out more about our small furry friends.

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